Monday, June 3, 2013

Surviving Monday Through Fresh Eyes

Sometimes the mere thought of waking up on a Monday morning and going through the motions of routine is daunting, even when you love your job as much as I do. Monday, just another regular old work day. Regular. Boring. blehhh!
So before I even opened my eyes I decided that I would make the day anything but regular. I wondered what it would be like to go through my normal routine with fresh eyes, seeing things for the first time, seeing life where I normally just passed through. Challenge myself to notice and revel in the beauty which surrounds me. Live in the moment and savor the new experiences. Here is how I turned a regular, boring, normal work day into one filled with excitement, adventure, and beauty.
What a lovely day for a boat ride

Every day I look for whales as I commute on the ferry. I look for them and am disappointed that I never see them. Until today, I had never noticed these whales which I walk beneath on a daily basis. I never noticed them because they were not what or where I expected them to be!
I am fascinated by how much I see but don’t notice because it’s not what I’m expecting.
Today, I saw whales!
Decided to bust out of my routine to see what I could see. Walked a new route to experience something new.

It’s a big wide world and there are infinite new experiences to be had. You just have to be open to them! Love this sign in the window along my new walking route to work.

I look at this guy 5 days a week, toiling away as I walk to work. I’ve always wanted a picture of him but never taken the moment.

Same with this manhole cover. I see the beautiful design everyday and wish I had more time to look at it. Today, I stood in the middle of the intersection at Pike and First Ave. for at least 30 seconds studying the details. 30 seconds is a long time to stand in the street.

A random and wonderful experience from years ago! One worth having again soon.

Being a tourist in Seattle isn’t possible without walking though the fish stalls at the Market

The sight of the Market fresh flowers never gets old
With the new enjoyable journey to work complete, I look forward to exploring more at lunch!

Lunch Stop #1: For lunch I decided to try someplace I’ve never eaten at before. I was partially successful with this beef empanada from the tienda!
Lunch Stop #2: Jack’s for some cioppino. I’ve actually eaten here twice before but both times it was with people that I love and the soup is great so what’s the harm in trying it solo? However, like so many things in life, I think it was better experienced with someone else’s company. Still totally delish.

Lunch Stop #3: almost. Thought about stopping in here for a coffee but I KNOW that this place is better experienced with the one I love. I savor the memory but will save the experience to share with him again.


A good reminder that I need to get my road bike up and going soon! Another topic for another adventure on another day!
Tourist in my Own Town Day continues! After work I found myself rushing down to catch the ferry in the same old way I always do. The dilemma: catch the boat or take my time seeing things in a new way and wait for the next one? My love set me straight and said to catch the later boat without a doubt. Solid advice, thanks babe!
Walked a new route along Post Alley and saw these striking sculptures
If not why not? I’ve never ridden the Great Wheel before so today is the day!
And there goes the early boat
Brilliant! The grinding of the gears, the swaying of the cars, the subtle rhythm of the rain, shrouded in mist.
And now I want to ride that trolley!
Solo Ferris wheel riding creeper
Solo Happy Hour? Would. Never. Except for today! Cheers to the nice solo accountant sitting next to me who though my adventure day idea was awesome ;) Without taking my ear buds out and initiating conversation, that moment would have passed.
Something new! The ferry captain told us we’re having mechanical difficulties so we won’t be disembarking anytime soon. Oh well, I guess I’ll sit here and enjoy the view a little and scan the horizon for more whales.
So grateful for a day of new perspectives, experiences, and memories because I chose to look at the world with fresh eyes. How you live your life is largely a choice and chose to enjoy it to its fullest today!

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