Monday, December 12, 2011

Weathering the Storm

As I prepare to turn the page and close out another chapter in this Book of Life, I’m finding myself once again consumed with anticipation as to what the next chapter will be. Often times, during these moments of transition I find myself consumed by stress, excitement, fear, and anxiety that come on like waves in a storm, endlessly churning in my mind, and relentlessly battering my shores. At times navigating through these uncharted waters can be defeating as the horizon is often lost in the clouds and the final destination remains unknown.

Living one’s life moment by moment, page by page, as I have chosen to do, can at times be an incredibly unsettling way to exist. Over the years, people have attempted to plant seeds of doubt deep within my hull. Securely attached to the shore, looking out upon the churning sea below, they ask “What are you going to do now? When are you going to get a real job? What is your plan? When are you going to settle down?”

Well, honestly, I don’t know. I don’t have those answers. But I do know that you will never get a taste of that big ol’ ocean unless you cut your lines, raise your sails, and bravely set forth. Out there, unforgiving storms are inevitable and will undoubtedly leave you battered and bruised. But as anyone who has ever been broken by life knows, the sun never shines more vibrantly than the day after surviving a brilliant storm.

So yes, the next chapter is still unwritten, and yes, I am somewhat afraid to turn the page. But considering I am the author of this individual Book of Life I will hold true to the notion that it is the journey between the pages and the means by which chapters are navigated that makes each of our stories intriguing and unique. Life is about remembering to appreciate the scent of every rainstorm, the beauty in every drop, and the warmth behind the clouds. At the end of my book, I hope I can honestly say that the course by which I traveled had little significance when compared to the wonders I experienced along the way.


em said...

Ya Lady!!! Please keep updating your blog. I want to hear about your adventures, the small day to day ones and the big extravagant ones. You are an amazing writer!

ps... your postcard is in the mail!

Brenda, B-Dizzle, Sweet B, B, I answer to them all said...

A little late, but I am updating! Also, where is my postcard lady?! ;-)